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Delicious Chocolate Sprouts

We all know someone who just won't eat sprouts, but we don't think that will be an issue with our bestselling Delicious Chocolate Sprouts!

These creamy, soft-centred milk chocolates are encased in white chocolate shells and are sure to delight chocoholics this Christmas.

Coming in a pack of 8 tasty sprouts, this a great gift for a chocoholic in your life, or an indulgent treat for yourself!


Allergy information: Contains milk and soya. May contain nuts.

Ingredients: Sugar | Cocoa butter | Whole milk powder | Fresh cream milk powder | Emulsifier ( SOYA lecithin) | Natural flavour | Sorbic acid | Natural orange oil | Invertine | Copper chlorophyl Carotene | Spirulina

Product Code: 16915

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