Image of the Christmas Kitchen Jigsaw design featuring a black labrador and a cat relaxing in the kitchen

Christmas Kitchen Jigsaw

The Christmas Kitchen Jigsaw provides a stimulating challenge for all ages.

Piece together a cosy picture of a beautiful black Labrador  and tortoiseshell cat sat on a dog bed in front of a white Aga with pots and pans above and around. A very quaint Christmas kitchen. With a poinsettia, Christmas pudding and bottle of wine the Christmas setting is complete.

A perfect gift for anyone who delights in the quiet, calming satisfaction of piecing together a jigsaw puzzle.

Wether you're alone or with friends, completing a puzzle is known to improve your concentration and keep your brain sharp while still feeling leisurely.

Take a few moments to relax and picture yourself in this warm and cosy kitchen.

1,000 pieces. 58cm x 58xm.

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