Image of the Charming Gift Bags bumper pack

Charming Gift Bags Bumper Pack

Get in the spirit of giving with the Charming Gift Bags Bumper Pack.

You get excellent value in this pack of eight glossy bags which feature adorable dog images.

The Charming Gift Bags Bumper Bag gives you four gift bags and four bottle bags, to cover all your gifts this year!

Designs all features red or blue sides and white snowflakes on each bag, with a selection of charming pooches on the front and have rope handles

Messages include 'Season's Greetings', 'Merry Christmas' and 'Best Wishes'.

Order this brilliant bumper pack now, because presentation matters as much as the present!

Gift bags 18cm x 23cm x 10cm. 
Bottle bags 12cm x 36cm x 8cm.

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