Pawsecco and Truffle set - a herbal drink for either a dog or cat along with pet friendly cranberry & yoghurt truffles Close up Pawescco bottle

Pawsecco and Truffles for Cats and Dogs

A delicious and purr-fect gift set suitable for dogs and cats!

Raise a glass with your pet and let them indulge in cranberry and yoghurt truffles washed down with a refreshing glass of white Pawsecco.

Gift set contains one 250ml bottle of still white Pawsecco and one box of cranberry and yoghurt truffles.

Pawsecco is a healthy, herbal infusion made with 100% natural herbs. Elderflower, Linden Blossom and Ginseng. Just add it to their food or water.

Pawsecco does not contain alcohol.

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