Image of the Red Wine Pairing tea towel as supplied to the customer. Image of the Red Wine pairing tea towel unfolded pairing wines with foods

Red Wine Pairing Tea Towel

Become the sommelier you always fancied yourself as with our brilliant Red Wine Pairing Tea Towel.

This organic cotton tea towel give you a detailed and comprehensive food and wine-pairing guide, with 34 wines and 56 foods split into 7 categories. You'll even get information on acidity, tannins, body and sweetness!

If you savour your red wines, make sure you have this Red Wine Pairing Tea Towel to hand!

The 7 food categories are:
Meat & Poultry
Vegs & Vegetarian
Flavours & Herbs
International Dishes

100% organic cotton.

76cm x 48cm.

Product Code: 18627

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