Image of the Practical Trolley Bags set

Practical Trolley Bags

Finally, an ingenious solution to the problem of packing your week shop!

Trolley Bags are four different sized bags, connected together with Velcro. They can be placed open and upright in your trolley, allowing you to pack and sort groceries with 2 hands as they are scanned through the checkout to make your shopping trip fast and easy!  Lightweight and easy to store after use.

Key Benefits:

•No more stress at the checkout!
•Rigid bags sit open and upright
•Fit perfectly into the trolley's shape
•Hangs, rolled up, on the back of the trolley until needed.
•Take as many or as few bags as you need by pulling apart the velcro.

Comes with 4 bags. Sizes of each bag below:

80 litre capacities

55 litre capacities

42 litre capacities

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