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Paws for a Cuppa Mugs

Exclusive to Guide Dogs! Set of four mugs, designed especially for Guide Dogs

These gorgeous mugs will have you reaching for a pot of tea to enjoy them with. Set of four, each one has its own personality (just like the dogs they're featuring).

Each mug has a lovely illustration of a mischievous dog on one side and a humorous caption on the other. There's a Golden Retriever, Yellow Labrador, Chocolate Labrador and a Black Labrador mug, and each one has a caption on the reverse:
My dog is so energetic
My dog is so clever
My dog is so obedient
My dog is so well behaved.

The illustrations show the cheeky dogs doing the opposite of the caption!

These bespoke mugs are sure to put a smile on your face and are only available at Dogalogue.

They even come gift boxed, so are a perfect present to yourself...or your friends!

Show your support of Guide Dogs today with these beautiful home accessories.

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