Image showcasing the design of the "It's A Dog's Life" tea towel

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It’s a Dog’s Life Tea Towel

This quirky tea towel is sure to provide plenty of laughs thanks to the wonderful artwork of Annie Tempest, one of Britain's favorite cartoonists.

The endless enthusiasm of the black labrador featured on this tea towel will be instantly familiar to dog lovers, as this adorable pooch goes about it's day.

The text beneath the artwork on the tea towel reads:

1. Dog food! My favourite thing!
2. Going in the car! My favourite thing!
3. Walkies! My favourite thing!
4. A snooze by the Aga! My favourite thing!
5. Watching my human cooking! My favourite thing!
6. Sniffing the wheels of a delivery van! My favourite thing!
7. A cuddle on the sofa! My favourite thing!
8. Charging up the stairs to bed! My favourite thing!

It's a Dog's Life Tea Towel will quickly become your favourite thing!

100% cotton tea towel. 
75cm x 49cm.

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