A set of four trolley bags - one orange, green, red and blue - set up in a shopping trolly for use.

Handy Trolley Bags

Updated with a new design for 2018!

This handy set of four bags provide a simple solution for an everyday problem. Remove the stress at the checkout of your supermarket shop with these bags.

Rigid bags sit open and upright in your trolley ready for you to sort and park your shopping. With four bags you can organise your shopping before you get home and keep your cold items together and soft items safe. No more eggs at the bottom of bags!

They fit perfectly into the trolley or can be rolled up neatly fastened by the velcro fastening and hang them on the back of the trolley until you need them.

Bags can be separated to suit the size of your shop. Four different sized bags to perfectly fit the trolley.

Make your supermarket shop a breeze with the help of these Trolley Bags!

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