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Debonair Dogs Clear Water Bottle

The Debonair Dogs Water Bottle designed by Milly Green allows you to keep hydrated throughout the day with this BPA free reusable water bottle! This is a great size for a long day out, to keep at the office or just as a back up in the car! The bottle also has a flick open nozzle and a handy holder for easy carrying. 

The water bottle has a design featuring charming illustrations of all breeds of dogs, each with the breed name printed alongside their portrait. The cute canines are each hand-painted in a soft watercolour style on a pale background of doggie bones and they're sitting amongst bowls and tennis balls. A Labrador, French Bulldog, Poodle and other favourites feature in this design.

There are other items available from Milly Green's Debonair Dogs range including Travel Mug, Treat Jar, Lunch Box and Tray. 

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