Image of a dog in a suitcase ready to travel

Travelling with four legged companions

Summer is in full swing now. With BBQ’s, picnics in the park and holidays away we know how to make the most of the nice weather! But it’s not always easy travelling with our doggy pals, so we’ve put some hints and tips together to make your next adventure a little smoother.

Image of Pet Fleece BlanketIf you have an energetic pooch, it can be helpful to take them for a long walk or a good run before you set off so they’re more likely to sleep whilst you travel. Our Exclusive Pet Fleece Blanket is ideal to help snoozing dogs snuggle down for a good sleep whilst you’re travelling.Image of Collapsible Dog Travel Bowl

Make sure you have plenty of water available for your dog. Our Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl is perfect for jet setting pooches and can be used for either water or food and then folds down again for easy storage.

Image of Calm and Relaxed handbaked dog treatsIf your dog is a little nervous of travelling, encourage them with a few treats. Our Handbaked Dog Treats Calm and Relaxed will help them settle down and enjoy the trip (and they’re on sale at the moment). Just be careful not to over-do the treats though, travel sickness affects dogs too! Image of Sleeping Labrador Travel Mug

We’ve even got things to make your journey easier too. Stay hydrated with our gorgeous Sleeping Labrador Travel Mug and keep hot drinks hot or cold drinks cold all day!

Image of Paw Print Travel Bag with Pawprint Bag OrganisersPack all your essentials (or your dog’s favourite things) in our Paw Print Travel Bag. This charming and durable bag folds down so you can fill it full of souvenirs and memories of your trip! What’s more, this is on offer throughout July at Dogalogue, save 30% when you buy a Pawprint Bag Organiser with the travel bag.

Travelling in hot weather can be tiring so make sure you have water and treats too (have you seen our tempting range of treats for you and your furry friend? They’ll brighten any journey and get those tails wagging). Stop for as many breaks as you need and make sure you don’t leave your dog in a hot car.

Image of Thank you FudgeAnd if you’re leaving your pooch with a friend whilst you go away, bring them a little something back to say thanks. Our ‘Thank you for Looking After the Dog Fudge’ is always a winner – everyone will want to look after your dog!Image of Pet Water Bottle

Coming soon – Our new catalogue will be out in August and will include great new products such as this stainless-steel Pet Water Bottle, only £14.99. It releases water as your dog licks.

So, if you’re looking for great charity gifts for dog lovers, or practical ideas for yourself and your own pet, look no further than Dogalogue. 100% profits go to Guide Dogs.