Tantalisingly Tasty Turkey Treats for your Dog!

Tantalisingly Tasty Turkey Treats for your Dog!

Image of an excited puppyAnyone with a dog knows that our canine friends simply love hoovering up those mouth-watering leftovers from Christmas dinner. And who can blame them? Christmas dinner scraps are definitely more appetizing than your typical dog dinner!

So why not give your dog a Christmas dinner of their own this year?

The Turkey and Veg Meal pack is a delightfully delicious dinner designed just for dogs! 100% natural and bursting with British meat, this healthy dinner even comes with potatoes, green peas and carrots to ease digestion. Your dog will have all the deliciousness of their own Christmas dinner, and all the goodness they need.

The Turkey and Vegetable Dinner pack is yours for just £10.99.

Turkey and Vegetable Dinner for Dogs

And with 7 meals per pack, your darling doggy will have plenty to chew on – so you can keep those tasty Christmas dinner leftovers for yourself!

With 100% of profits from Dogalogue going to Guide Dogs, you’ll be supporting our life-changing work with every pack you buy. What more could you want?

Thank you for all your support, and we hope to see you over at Dogalogue soon!