Show Guide Dogs some love this Valentine’s Day

With 100% of profits going to Guide Dogs, buying a little something for yourself or a loved one really will make all of us at Guide Dogs feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Dogalogue have gifts perfect for any dog lover:

Treat yourself to fabulous gifts including, ‘Dogs leave paw prints on your heart’ and ‘All you need is love – and a dog’, mug.

White mug with a black dog silhouette and red hearts
‘All you need is love and a Dog’ mug
Blue mug with black paw prints, white hearts and the words 'Dogs leave paw prints on your heart'
‘Dogs leave paw prints on your heart’ mug

Show your dog how much they mean to you:

Give your precious pet these hand-baked dog treats (just £2.99), or spruce up feeding times with a brand new dog bowl – this Scallywags one is now only £2.99!

Chicken flavour dog treats in a orange tube
‘Feel Good’ (chicken) dog treats
White dog bowl with images of scallywag dogs around the outside.
Scallywags Dog Bowl

Give the gift of love – e-cards and cards by post

You can choose from one of our range of virtual gifts, such as ‘Dinner for Ten Guide Dog Pups’. Once you’ve picked the card you can personalise and delight a loved one by email or by post.

Three golden labrador puppies eating from their dog bowls
A Dinner for 10 Guide Dogs Puppies

The ultimate Valentine’s gift

If you do want to give someone a Valentines gift then what’s more gorgeous than a fluffy four legged one? Why not Sponsor an adorable puppy as a Valentine’s gift? (link to SAP)

Who will you show some love to this Valentine’s?

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