Grab a last-minute Valentine’s Day (virtual) gift and share the love!

Grab a last-minute Valentine’s Day (virtual) gift and share the love!

If you’re searching for a perfect last-minute Valentine’s Day gift to surprise your partner, look no further!

With Guide Dogs Virtual Gifts, you can pick from our heart-warming range of gifts that support Guide Dogs* and send a personalised e-card instantly to your loved one instantly.

Each Virtual Gift supports the training and care of our adorable, hard-working guide dog puppies. Once you select one, you can personalise a card or e-card with a special message for your partner. With our Virtual Gift e-cards, the lucky recipient will receive it the same day, making it ideal for that last-minute gift!

So why not show Guide Dogs some love this Valentine’s Day, and treat your loved one and our puppies to a Virtual Gift from Dogalogue today? It’s sure to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

A puppy’s first coat and collar £15.00

Image of a woman walking with a guide dog puppy One of the most important moments in the life of a guide dog is when they receive their very first puppy coat. These iconic blue coats are given to each puppy as they begin their training, and symbolises the start of a journey which we all hope culminates with them partnering with someone suffering from sight loss.

It costs just £15 to give one of our bright-eyed, bushy-tailed guide dog puppies their first puppy coat, and it’s a proud moment they’ll never forget!

Image of a guide dog and a puppy together

Support a Hard Working Guide Dog for a Week £35.00

It costs just under £55,000 to support a guide dog from birth to retirement, but only £35 to support one of our hard-working guide dogs for a week.

This covers the cost of a week’s food, vet’s bills and the ongoing training we provide to ensure the best-possible working guide dog partnerships!

Fun Toy for a Guide Dog Puppy £7.00

Image of a guide dog puppy with a rubber toy in it's mouth

Guide dog puppies have an important task at hand as they progress through their training – but we never forget that they’re still just puppies! That’s why we always make sure they’re rewarded with some well-deserved playtime.

What could make playtime better than a rubber fun toy, which always delights our puppies and costs just £7.

And that’s not all! You can find our entire range of Virtual Gifts right here.

So whatever your plans are, everyone at Dogalogue wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day this year.

*Please note, while we try to use all monies paid towards the purpose of the Virtual Gift, we reserve the right to use it wherever the need is greatest