Games for the Family this Christmas

Christmas is a time where the whole family comes together. It’s also a great time to have some festive fun with a game or two. Dogalogue is on hand for some entertaining games to play which are likely better than a dreary round of charades.

Woof Board Game – £25

A packshot image of the Woof board game

If you’re looking for a board game the whole family, including the dog, can play, then Woof is the game for you!

The game consists of racing around the game board answering questions and testing your dog’s brain by getting your dog to do simple tasks with bones as a reward. Answer canny canine questions, win best breed competitions and even ask your dog to do tricks and exercises around the clock.

If the dog performs well, they’ll get points as well as you or your team. You can play with one dog or a pack of dogs; it’s entirely up to you! The first team to complete the tasks wins, and if the dog earns more bones than you during the game, you’ve guessed it, the dog wins!

Woof isn’t just great fun; it’s also a brilliant educational game to get dogs minds working, kids thinking, and adults learning more about their pedigree chums. 

Dog Bingo – £20

A popular returning product to Dogalogue is this beautifully illustrated bingo game features 64 breeds of dog from around the world. Spot all kinds of dogs – from the tiny chihuahua to the noble Great Dane, from the sleek Saluki to the dreadlocked Hungarian Puli, mark them off on your card and bingo!

Dog Bingo brings fun and educational twists to the traditional Bingo game with players learning the names and colourings of both their favourite breeds. They’ll also discover weird and wonderful breeds too. This game is perfect for dog lovers – how many breeds can you name?

Mince Spies – £6

A pack shot image of Mince Spies Game

Brand new and delivering some deviously sneaky fun is Mince Spies.

The game contains a set of 18 coaster challenges to bring your festive dinner party to life. Each coaster features a secret spy mission. Can you complete your task without anyone guessing what you’re up to? Accept your mission with Mince Spies, if you dare.

These products, along with many more games to play, are available now on Dogalogue, the online shop of Guide Dogs. 100% of our profits go straight back into the charity, helping to provide life-changing services for the blind and partially sighted.