Exciting news from our Dogalogue star Tess…

Black Labrador puppy wearing a red scarf with green Christmas trees
Tess modeling her new Pom Pom Scarf

Do you remember Tess, our lovely black Labrador and star of Dogalogue earlier this year? We’re very pleased to say that Tess has been chosen to become a guide dog mum.

To be a guide dog mum, our dogs have to be of a very high standard. Tess was chosen as one of the best dogs to take on this very special role and passed all of her tests with flying colours. She had her eyes, hips and elbows checked and also took part in a character test, and she proved to be a top dog! These tests are carried out to ensure that the dog passes on their best traits to their puppies.

Tess Chewing Santa Toy
Tess enjoying her new Christmas Santa toy

The health of our guide dog mums is monitored very closely and they will only have a maximum of five litters, before retiring as a pet dog around the age of seven. Her puppy walker, Carol, told us “Tess can look forward to a life of Riley and wedded bliss!”

We’re sure that Tess will take to her new role brilliantly. And who knows, maybe we’ll see one of her pups appearing in Dogalogue sometime in the future!